About me


Logo Born in 1973 in Bordeaux.
Studies in Art History and Audiovisual Communication in Paris.
For many years, I worked as a post-producer in production companies.

In 2000, I decided to make a pause on my professional path and spend my time bringing up my 2 sons first in Nice and then in Copenhagen.
In the meantime, I began to draw for my children and myself.
I received orders from friends of my drawings to illustrate events (marriage, birth, birthday ...) or simply hang them on the wall.

In 2011, I decided to devote myself fully to this activity so I started working in a workshop with some other artists.

In january 2013 for "The French Art Day" event, I worked on the city of Copenhagen, its plans, its ancient and modern architecture and all that tells its history.
Her modern, minimalistic and fresh graphics reconfigures the city in a very original way.

I doesn't define myself as an "artist", but rather as a "designer of beautiful things"